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Compost toilets can provide a sanitation solution when water or electricity are not available, or when you simply want to make more compost or less environmental pollution.

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The Humanure Handbook and The Compost Toilet Handbook

The Humanure Handbook and The Compost Toilet Handbook

"This is a cult classic which might strike those without an outhouse as disgusting. But the methods outlined within have the potential to change the ecological fate of the world." New Yorker Magazine, May 22, 2009

"Forced to self-publish due to the 'taboo topic, the unthinkable issue,' of this publication, Joseph Jenkins' Humanure Handbook has now become an international best-seller. It is presented with humorous cartoons, facts and diagrams, and Jenkins makes a compelling case for the composting of human excrement, in doing so questioning the very nature of what we consider 'waste.' With an unashamed tongue-in-cheek tone, Jenkins extols the virtues of new toilet systems, and yet he fervently believes in his argument, as do the thousands of converts to the cause, who themselves offer tips and anecdotes. The award-winning handbook stresses the importance of our 'symbiotic relationship with our planet,' and the fact that the addition of human waste will, in fact, significantly speed up the processes already at work in our composts. Whether we are all ready to subscribe to his ideology yet or not, Jenkins' enjoyable and witty publication is a no-nonsense insight into the 'dreaded ingredient.'" Organic Life, January, 2006

"Despite all the books on manure and how to use it, human manure composting is not covered elsewhere, making the "Humanure Handbook, a Guide to Composting Human Manure" a fine reference for any who would learn these basics. Now in its 3rd edition, the Humanure Handbook covers all the basics of human waste management, from septic systems to commercial composting toilets, sewers, and more. A history of various composting methods, science, and problems is accompanied by a healthy dose of humor plus a solid foundation of science into pathogens, pros and cons of competing systems, and more. If you're an avid composter, there's nothing like this on the market." Midwest Book Review

"Finally we have a comprehensive book on recycling human excrement without chemicals, high technology or pollution. Well written, practical, and thoroughly researched, this self-published book is built on nearly twenty years of experience by the author, who tells us about every aspect of dealing with excrement on the home-scale level." Whole Earth Review

"The handbook contains a lot of hard information taken from the author's humanure composting experience." "Jenkins provides a convincing case that human waste can and should be a safe composting material." Mother Earth News

"This book answers every question anyone could have about managing a compost toilet and compost pile." Waterworks

"This is a fundamentally radical book." " eco-Luddite anarchist's potty training manual." Earth First! Journal

"We think the Humanure [Hand]Book ranks right up there with Rachel Carson's Silent Spring as one of the most important environmental exposes of all time." HortIdeas

"...outrageous humor and brilliant, diligent research." "This is one book that could save the world!" Permaculture Drylands Journal

"The Humanure Handbook clearly explains, in a breezy, amusing, and well-illustrated format, everything you need to know to bring the out-house in-house." Earth Island Journal

"...almost certain to become a classic in its field." "This book should be required reading...and not only for homesteaders." Countryside Journal

"The Humanure Handbook is the perfect self-published book, filling a niche that a big publisher wouldn't touch with a ten foot shovel." "[It] tells us the who, what, where, when, and why of human poop..." Green Living "...a good read for anyone who is ready to entertain the possibility of more fully integrating him or herself into the ecosystem." "Replete with bad jokes, provocative queries, and practical suggestions." The Natural Farmer