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Compost toilets can provide a sanitation solution when water or electricity are not available, or when you simply want to make more compost or less environmental pollution.

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Joe began self-publishing when he turned his masters thesis into the non-fiction Humanure Handbook and published it in 1995. The first edition of the book was execrable, but it developed a life of its own somehow, and has gone on to sell 70,000 copies so far and be translated in whole or in part into 19 languages over four editions. The 4th edition, subtitled "shit in a nutshell," and completely revised and updated, was released in April 2019.

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Composting, by definition, has three requirements: 1) human management; 2) aerobic conditions; and 3) the generation of internal biological heat. If these three requirements are not met, “composting” is not taking place and the end result should not be called “compost.” Most devices referred to as “composting toilets” do not produce compost and should be referred to as “dry toilets” or “biological toilets,” anything but “composting” toilets.

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Joseph Jenkins, author of the Humanure Handbook, began offering international consulting services in 2006. Joe works with NGOs, private consulting firms, government entities, and aid agencies as time allows, sometimes paid, sometimes as a volunteer. With two and a half billion people in the world lacking toilets, composting can provide a sanitation solution that is ecological, sanitary, inexpensive, and revolutionary. Joe works often with

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Compost toilets produce no waste, no sewage, no wastewater, no odor and no environmental pollution. They conserve water while producing soil fertility. There’s a big difference between “compost toilets,” “composting toilets,” and “dry toilets.” A dry toilet is any toilet that doesn’t depend on water to function, like a flush toilet does. A "composting toilet" is a misnomer. Toilets don't compost, people do. A "compost toilet" collects organic material for composting elsewhere.


Compost Toilet Overview

Loveable Loo Overview
The Loveable Loo

A compost toilet requires no water, plumbing, pipes, vents, drains, electricity, or urine separation. It's a toilet that makes gardens. It's designed to collect toilet material for composting in a separate location. This 11 minute video provides a brief overview on the toilet and the processes.

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How to build a compost bin in 10 minutes.
How to Build a Compost Bin in 10 MInutes

This is a video specifically for humanure composters, but this quick pallet bin process will work for any type of composting. Joe Jenkins, author of the Humanure Handbook, shows how to put up a bin in 10 minutes, empty humanure receptacles, and use cover material to create a safe, ecological sanitation system.

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Humanure Composting Basics

Build your own loo.

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    "Thank you so much for your efforts, I have been confounded by the off grid human waste dilemma and YOU have the solution THANK YOU!!! My son and I will be off grid for 6 months at a time and man am I glad to have found you. After a lot of research yours makes so much sense and your long time experience sold me. I will be in touch, thanks again!"

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    "I bought one of your Lovable Loo packages 8 years ago and love, love, love having this kind of toilet. Thank you so much for all of the work you do on this subject."

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The Humanure Handbook was an accidental literary phenomenon. Joe Jenkins began writing the book as a master's thesis while attending Slippery Rock University's Master of Science in Sustainable Systems program in Pennsylvania in the early 90s. Fastinated with the topic of humanure composting, Jenkins decided to convert the book's language into a popular format and self-publish the thesis as a book.

Jenkins maintains a business in north western Pennsylvania (Joseph Jenkins, Inc.), where he resides with a large garden, an orchard, several family members, and a compost pile or two. Jenkins speaks at various venues when time allows, provides consulting services, maintains a publishing business, and three online stores.