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The Humanure Store has its roots in the Humanure Handbook, now in its third edition, first written by Joseph Jenkins in 1994 and published January,1995 (3rd edition, published in 2005, now in its fourth printing).

The book was an accidental success. Started as a graduate thesis in a Masters of Science in Sustainable Systems program at Slippery Rock University (Pennsylvania), the thesis was turned into a book that Jenkins thought no one would ever read. Sixty-five thousand American copies later, with translations in more than fifteen foreign languages and foreign editions on three continents, the book managed to take on a life of its own, as has the entire "humanure" phenomenon, called a "movement" by those in the know. By popular demand, we offer the products in the Humanure Store for your pleasure.

Our products are offered for those interested in humanure composting, humanure sanitation, composting in general, emergency preparedness, or just simple living. Please peruse our inventory and feel free to offer suggestions. We do sell wholesale as well as retail, so feel free to call us at 814-786-9085 (M-F, 9-5, eastern time, USA) or e-mail us if you're a reseller. Check out the Humanure Headquarters for much more information.

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