Balance Point and Humanure Handbook

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Author: Joseph Jenkins

341 pages; Published: May 1, 2018; ISBN-13: 978-0964425866; Dimensions: 5 x 0.8 x 8 inches; Price: $14.95 USD retail

The Balance Point is a story of a search for something so mysterious that the main character doesn't even know what it is, or how  to recognize it if he finds it. It touches on science, mathematics, economics, religion, and spirituality, in a manner that is  both illuminating and disturbing.

Based on actual occurrences and factual scientific and environmental information, The Balance Point weaves a compelling adventure story into an ominous tapestry of  planetary degradation. Jonathan is reluctantly goaded into satisfying  the conditions of his deceased Aunt's cryptic Last Will, sending him on a  puzzling journey to perplexing destinations. What he finds is  worrisome, yet hopeful: something has gone missing in our collective  human consciousness.


(4th edition) Shit in a Nutshell, by Joseph Jenkins. 300 pages, 91 illustrations, indexed. ISBN-13: 978-0964425880. 6”X9” paperback.

The original Humanure Handbook was published in 1995 as a grad school thesis turned into an underground best-seller. The 4th edition is half new edition and half sequel. Of the original 10 chapters, five were revised and updated while the other five were replaced with ten new chapters, for a total of 15 chapters in the new edition (see contents in photo gallery).
This is a self-published book that no respectable publisher would touch with a ten-foot shovel. The 1st edition had a print run of 600 copies, which the author expected to watch decompose in his garage for the rest of his life. Yet, the book has sold 70,000 print copies in the U.S. alone, been translated in whole or in part into 19 languages and has been published in foreign editions on four continents.

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Balance Point: 

"An engaging and enlightening book - as well as a disturbing warning to us all…”   –Today's Librarian

“A delightful new slant on our environmental mess in a wonderful tale told with passion, wit, and insight." –The Book Reader

“An incredible environmental journey of discovery. Every now and then a book comes along that really speaks to your heart. It is perhaps the best environmental book I have ever read, and I would like to encourage everyone to experience this book.” – Arkansas Environmental Education Association

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