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The Tao of Compost

Alaskan Composting Toilets AlasCan of Minnesota, Inc., 8271-90th Lane | P.O. Box 88, Clear Lake, MN 55319; Phone: (320) 743-2909; Fax: (320) 743-3509; Email: mail@alascanofmn.com

Biolet Composting Toilets at Ace Hardware - A special resource website.

Biolet Composting Toilets: The most advanced self-contained composting toilet! No water, no chemicals, no odor! Now in their fifth generation of continually improving product lines, BioLet Composting toilets are as easy and comfortable to use as regular flush toilets. However, the main advantage over flush toilets is that there is no need for costly installations of water, sewer lines or connection to septic systems.

Bioland (Europe) A BIOLAND® é uma Empresa que dedica-se a produção de Condicionador de Solos a partir de restos vegetais, animais e de alguns tipos de resíduos industriais, como o lodo gerado nas Estação de Tratamento de Efluentes (ETE’s).

Books XYZ; booksXYZ is owned and operated by the Acadiana Educational Endowment (AEE) and its affiliate, the American Public School Endowments (APSE) • Lafayette, LA 70503 • 337-769-1471 • Fax 337-769-1468

British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filters:"The Original Gravity Filtration System." For more than 140 years British Berkefeld has defined excellence in gravity water filtration systems. It was specifically designed for use in situations where a reliable supply of treated drinking water is not available. Unbelievable as it sounds you can actually pour creek water in this filter, and in a short time have clean, safe, good-tasting water. This has made British Berkefeld water filters the number one choice by thousands of missionaries, campers, vacationers and emergency relief organizations.

Cambodian Humanure - We are MaD – a Cambodian Charity/NGO working to make a difference for good in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  MaD is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity in the USA, as an NGO in Cambodia, and we are registering as a charity in the UK.

Case Study: Composting Human Manure in a Pennsylvania Backyard Overview: Thermophilic (hot) composting of human manure renders it hygienic and safe to use as a valuable fertilizer for food gardens.

Chelsea Green Publishing Books on composting and sustainability.

Clivus Multrum Composting Toilets We can solve your "septic tank problems."

Cloth Toilet Wipes

Compost-4U.com - An information web site focused on compost.

Composting at Home - This resource list will help you learn all about how to be more environmentally conscious through composting and sustainable living.

Compost Thermometers

"Composting to the Ultimate" We compost EVERYTHING! (Yes, even THAT stuff!)

EarthStar Primal Habitat Project We have established the EarthStar Primal Habitat Project, outside Clinton, Louisiana. It is a working model for earth-friendly, alternative, simple living. We are endeavoring to discover and communicate practical solutions to the social problems of ill-health, homelessness, starvation and the over-consumption of earth's natural resources.

Ecoflo Water Management, Unit 5/2-8 Kabi Circuit, Deception Bay QLD 4508, Postal address: PO Box 564, Narangba, QLD, 4504; Phone: 07 3293 4222; Email: info@ecoflo.net.au; Websites: http://www.ecoflo.net.au AND http://www.nature-loo.com.au; Contact: Tristan Elliott; Australia's leading supplier of domestic waterless composting toilets suitable for permanent or temporary instillations. Ecoflo manufactures the Nature Loo range and is the sole Australian importer of Sun-Mar toilets.

Ecos Advanced/alternative wastewater and resource conservation solutions that prevent pollution—beautifully

Envirolet Composting Toilets: Envirolet™ brand composting toilets have been the economical & ecological toilet for cottage, cabin, home, RV, boat or commercial use.

Facebook: Compost Toilet

Facebook: Ecological Sanitation

Facebook: Humanure Composting

History of Sewers 101 I never dreamed I would be posting something about toilets. Toilets are so much in the background of our lives -- private, taken for granted, dirty -- that I never thought of them as an appropriate topic for open discussion. And what is there useful to say about toilets, anyway?

Homemade Plant Food: Homemade Plant Food to Keep Your Plants Happy

Humanure The most wasteful piece of equipment ever devised -- the flush toilet.

Humanure Handbook

Humanure Handbook 1st Edition on the web

Humanure Handbook, 2nd edition, on the web! The entire book!

Humanure Recycling - The Process

Humanure Sanitation

Humanure Toilets - Photo Gallery

Humanure Toilet Instructions

Humanure Toilet Videos


Improve Your Garden and Yard With Composting

Jimmy's Thunderbox® compact portable camping toilets for outdoors and emergencies

Longbranch Environmental Education Center: Among the many demonstrations of appropriate technology and ecological programs, the Center offers 2-pages of blueprints and a materials construction list with alternative construction details for building a Passive Solar Composting Toilet. Since 1979, these units have been built in countries all over the world. Price: $35.00 All proceeds go towards environmental education programs. Thanks for your interest in technologies to promote clean water and nutrient recycling.

Loveable Loo - Buy One Online- The toilet made famous by the Humanure Handbook!

Natural Event: Composting Toilets - Portable and Permanent - Natural Event is the world leader in waterless, odour free, composting toilet solutions for festivals, events and any gatherings where nature calls.

Ohio Compost Association

Outback Pack Camping Toilet Camping Toilet + Travel Toilet + Potty Training; Light weight, assembles in seconds. Includes: Toilet tissue, 4 waste bags, strong re-sealable storage bag. Toilet & Seat rated for 275 lbs. Recyclable Reusable Biodegradable Super Strong double wall corrugated paper board Patent No. 6047414

Midwest Biosystems: Our composting site explains the essentials of the "Advanced Composting System" we teach and the Aeromaster windrow turners which are designed to complement that system. A large FAQ section is included at the sight. Greg Berry; Midwest Bio-Systems; gberry@totacc.com

Mongolian Humanure Toilet Instructions

Play Your Part: A Home Guide to Composting

Poop Report: Stories about poop, intellectual crap, products, reports, fun, news, poop of the week, etc...

Phoenix Composting Toilets Advanced Composting System's Phoenix composting toilet systems save energy, water, and are friendly to the environment.

The Rot Web These World Wide Web pages are meant to make basic information about home composting available to a large number of people.

Rota Loo An Australian Solution to a Global Problem: The Rota-Loo Composting Toilet

Solar Composting Advanced Toilet The Solar Composting Advanced Toilet is designed to recycle human excrement and urine into a relatively dry and deodorized compost which can be safely and easily applied to the immediately surrounding landscape. The S.C.A.T. is a self-contained freestanding structure using inexpensive convenient organic materials such as peat moss or sawdust to promote effective composting. Earthworms provide mixing and aeration, eliminating the need for a rotating drum. A durable watertight plastic bin in the solar chamber has enough capacity for 4-6 persons in daily use. Easy access to the compost bin simplifies emptying at 6-12 month intervals, depending on loading.

SunMar Composting Toilets Sun-Mar Corporation 600 Main St. Tonawanda, NY 14150 Sales and Service Phone: 905-332-1314 Fax: 905-332-1315 Catalogue Requests Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-461-2461

Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost: We've been at work on the subject of compost analysis for many years and are finally on the verge of releasing a USDA-sponsored reference laboratory manual for compost and composting feedstocks. TMECC provides detailed protocols for the composting industry to verify the physical, chemical, and biological condition of composting feedstocks, material in process and compost products at the point of sale. Material testing is needed to verify product safety and market claims. TMECC provides protocols to sample, monitor, and analyze materials at all stages of the composting process, i.e., prior to, during and after composting to help maintain process control, verify product attributes, assure worker safety, and to avoid degradation of the environment in and around the composting facility.

Compost Thermometers

The Worm Dude - Your Source for Worms, Bins, Castings, Books, and Gardening Supplies!

Three Sisters Farm Within the bioshelter at Three Sisters Farm, heat and CO2 from contained composting of animal wastes and bedding is blown into rock storage under growing beds. Excess ammonia is filtered from the air stream and returned to the compost. This process adds to the productivity of the winter garden in the bioshelter.

U.S. Compost Council

US EPA Publications The EPA Publications Source, providing access to EPA technical and public information.

World Health Organization Excreta Reusal Guidelines - Volume 1

World Health Organization Excreta Reusal Guidelines - Volume 2

World Health Organization Excreta Reusal Guidelines - Volume 3

World Health Organization Excreta Reusal Guidelines - Volume 4

Worm Composting: A great source to buy worms to compost your waste with! Starve the landfill.

World of Composting Toilets We aim to present information on composting toilets so that persons in all countries have the opportunity to help improve their living conditions and their surrounding natural environment.





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