Girdlock from the Planet Turdnok

1st Edition (1995)

Humanure Handbook, 1st edition

2nd Edition (1999)

Humanure Handbook, 2nd edition

3rd Edition (2005)

Humanure Handbook, 3rd edition


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1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,2006

Humanure Handbook Awards


Three Rivers Environmental Award

Humanure Handbook, 1st Edition, is a Three Rivers Award Finalist in the Public Awareness Category. The Three Rivers Awards, centered in western Pennsylvania, is one of the largest regional environmental awards programs in the US.

Humanure Handbook, 1st Edition, is an #1 Category Bestseller 


Humanure Handbook, 2nd edition,is an #1 Category Bestseller


Independent Publisher Book Award

Humanure Handbook, 2nd edition, presented the Independent Publisher Outstanding Book of the Year Award Winner, deemed the book "Most Likely to Save the Planet" among a competition involving 550 independent publishers.

Foreword magazine Book Award

Humanure Handbook, 2nd edition, is a ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Finalist competing against 1,000 other publishers.

Benjamin Franklin Award

Humanure Handbook, 2nd edition, is a Publisher's Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist for excellence in publishing, among 1,804 entries.


Three Rivwers Environmental Award

Jenkins is a Three Rivers Environmental Award Finalist in the Public Awareness Category.


Independent Publisher Awards

Humanure Handbook, 3rd Edition, presented with the 2006 IPPY Awards: Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Non-Fiction, Honorable Mention


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